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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Women Singing In Sacred Circle
7-9pm (doors open at 6:45)
Westside Unitarian Universalist Church
616 Fretz Road Knoxville, Tennessee 37934
Love Offering~ $10-25* (cash or check only, please)
(*No woman turned away due to lack of funds)

Thursday, November 16, 2017
Women Singing In Sacred Circle
7-9pm (doors open at 6:45)
Private home in Decatur, Georgia Please contact Lynne: lynneguist@att.net or Shelley: graffs@cinci.rr.com for additional information
Love Offering~ $15-25* (cash or check only, please)
(*No woman turned away due to lack of funds)


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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Women Singing In Sacred Circle
2-4pm (doors open at 1:40)
Senior Opportunity Center
36 Grove Street Asheville, North Carolina 28801
Sliding Scale~ $10-20* (cash or check only, please)
(*No woman turned away due to lack of funds)

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Women Singing In Sacred Circle
7-10 pm
Syracuse Women’s Information Center
601 Allen Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Sliding Scale~ $20-$30

Cincinnati Women Singing In Sacred Circle 
Congratulations: 10 Years of Singing In Sacred Circle in Cincinnati
Now you can sing TWO nights a month:

2nd Tuesday of each month at Heritage Unitarian Universalist Church
7:00-9:00 PM 2710 Newtown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244 (Anderson Township area)


Fourth Monday of the month at First Unitarian Church
536 Linton Street (Two blocks north of Wm. Howard Taft Road, off Reading Road, near I-71)

Contact Shelley for more info on any of her scheduled events.

Previous Performances and Presentations


1/15 Silver Threads Celebration. St. Petersburg, FL

1/20 Pre-Rally Event Women's March On Washington, Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church Alexandria, VA

2/12 Singing In Sacred Circle, Atlanta, GA

3/5 Singing In Sacred Circle, Long House, Gulfport, FL

4/22 Women's Spring Retreat, Cincinnati, OH

7/6-9 National Women's Music Festival, Middleton, WI

8/4-7 Michigan Framily Reunion, Wayland, MI

9/14-17 Ohio LBA Festival, Wayland, MI

10/13-15 UU Women's Connection Fall Retreat, Racine, WI

10/26-29 Daughters of Diana Gathering, CA


1/26 Radio Interview, Women On Air: WETS89.5FM(NPR)

2/13 Women Singing In Sacred Circle, Asheville,NC

2/14 Private Event, Asheville, NC

3/19 Women Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop, Manchester, CT

3/20 Musical Offering for Sunday Services, Unitarian Universalist Society East, Manchester, CT

4/9 Honoring the Gift of Ourselves-A Women’s Retreat to Renew, Refresh & Relax, Milford, OH

6/9-12 Where Womyn Gather, PA

6/30-7/3 National Women’s Music Festival Middleton, WI

9/2-5 Drum & Song Retreat. Asheville, NC

9/6 Singing In Sacred Circle. Drea House Atlanta, GA

9/16-18 OLA Kirkersville, OH

9/23-24 Heritage UU Church~Women’s Retreat, Peebles, OH

10/27-30 Daughters of Diana Gathering, California

11/12 Singing In Sacred Circle Workshop. Women's Information Center. Syracuse, NY


4/25 Concert & Women In Sacred Circle (Des Moines, Iowa)

6/4-7 Where Womyn Gather (Pennsylvania)

7/1-5 National Women’s Music Festival (Middleton, Wisconsin)

7/11 Women of Joy Retreat (Milford, Ohio)

8/3-9 Michfest Singing In Sacred Circle! (Hart, Michigan)

9/4-7 Women Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop (California-LA area)

10/29-11/1 Daughters of Diana Gathering (San Bernardino Mountains, California)


1/11 Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop (Asheville, NC)

6/5-8 Where Womyn Gather (Pennsylvania)

6/26-29 National Womyn’s Music Festival (Wisconsin)

7/12 Women Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop (California-LA area)

7/20 Goddess Temple (Orange County, CA)

7/23-27 Sister Singer Network Festival (Urbana, Illinois)

8/4-10 Michfest Singing In Sacred Circle

9/19-21 Ohio LBA Festival (Pataskala, Ohio)

9/26-28 Heritage Unitarian Women's Retreat (Ohio)

11/8 Women In The Arts (Lansing, MI)

Shelley's past appearances include the National Women's Music Festival, National Women's Studies Association Conference, and the Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute. View a complete list of Shelley's past performances and workshops. (PDF Format)