Upcoming Performances and Presentations


July 6-9, 2017
National Women’s Music Festival
Middleton, Wisconsin

Singing In Sacred Circles: Friday 10-11:50; Saturday 10-11:00  
Please visit: www.wiaonline.org for additional information

July 29-30, 2017
Singing Sisters Retreat Northeastern Ohio

On Lake Erie. For additional information contact Linda or Shelley

July 31-August 4, 2017
Back to “The Land”

Exploration/discussion with singing sisters about Singing In Sacred Circle retreats/reunions

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August 4-7, 2017 
Michfest Framily Reunion  
Wayland, MI 

Singing In Sacred Circles:  Saturday & Sunday mornings  www.michiganframilyreunion.com

September 14-17, 2017
Ohio LBA Festival 
Legend Valley, Ohio 

Singing In Sacred Circles  Info:  www.ohiolba.org

October 21-22, 2017 
Studio City UU 
Studio City, California 

Saturday:  Singing In Sacred Circle  Sunday:  Service music  Info:  graffs@cinci.rr.com

October 26-29, 2017 
Daughters of Diana Gathering 

Singing In Sacred Circle    Info:  www.daughtersofdianagathering.org

Cincinnati Women Singing In Sacred Circle 
Fourth Monday of the month, 7:00- 9:00pm First Unitarian Church  536 Linton Street (Two blocks north of Wm. Howard Taft Road , off Reading Road, near I-71)

Contact Shelley for more info on any of her scheduled events.

Previous Performances and Presentations


1/15 Silver Threads Celebration. St. Petersburg, FL

1/20 Pre-Rally Event Women's March On Washington, Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church Alexandria, VA

2/12 Singing In Sacred Circle, Atlanta, GA

3/5 Singing In Sacred Circle, Long House, Gulfport, FL

4/22 Women's Spring Retreat, Cincinnati, OH


1/26 Radio Interview, Women On Air: WETS89.5FM(NPR)

2/13 Women Singing In Sacred Circle, Asheville,NC

2/14 Private Event, Asheville, NC

3/19 Women Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop, Manchester, CT

3/20 Musical Offering for Sunday Services, Unitarian Universalist Society East, Manchester, CT

4/9 Honoring the Gift of Ourselves-A Women’s Retreat to Renew, Refresh & Relax, Milford, OH

6/9-12 Where Womyn Gather, PA

6/30-7/3 National Women’s Music Festival Middleton, WI

9/2-5 Drum & Song Retreat. Asheville, NC

9/6 Singing In Sacred Circle. Drea House Atlanta, GA

9/16-18 OLA Kirkersville, OH

9/23-24 Heritage UU Church~Women’s Retreat, Peebles, OH

10/27-30 Daughters of Diana Gathering, California

11/12 Singing In Sacred Circle Workshop. Women's Information Center. Syracuse, NY


4/25 Concert & Women In Sacred Circle (Des Moines, Iowa)

6/4-7 Where Womyn Gather (Pennsylvania)

7/1-5 National Women’s Music Festival (Middleton, Wisconsin)

7/11 Women of Joy Retreat (Milford, Ohio)

8/3-9 Michfest Singing In Sacred Circle! (Hart, Michigan)

9/4-7 Women Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop (California-LA area)

10/29-11/1 Daughters of Diana Gathering (San Bernardino Mountains, California)


1/11 Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop (Asheville, NC)

6/5-8 Where Womyn Gather (Pennsylvania)

6/26-29 National Womyn’s Music Festival (Wisconsin)

7/12 Women Singing In Sacred Circle Playshop (California-LA area)

7/20 Goddess Temple (Orange County, CA)

7/23-27 Sister Singer Network Festival (Urbana, Illinois)

8/4-10 Michfest Singing In Sacred Circle

9/19-21 Ohio LBA Festival (Pataskala, Ohio)

9/26-28 Heritage Unitarian Women's Retreat (Ohio)

11/8 Women In The Arts (Lansing, MI)

Shelley's past appearances include the National Women's Music Festival, National Women's Studies Association Conference, and the Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute. View a complete list of Shelley's past performances and workshops. (PDF Format)